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About Us

Established in 2002, Under the Societies Registration Act 1860.

Al Burhan Arabic College is one of the leading Islamic campuses in south Kerala .aims at the peak of excellence in educational scenario keeping high scale of moral vista and creative outcome.

Al Burhan holds aloft the torch of spiritual wisdom to pay the way for the predominant generation having better Islamic atmosphere, public commitment, social stability and charismatic leadership, high merit of improving technology and multifaceted personality

It offers each student a thorough guide line in order to be enlightened    with moral literary. Much seriously it considers both streams of education to be essential not just as it can help the citizen get comprehensive progress.

Al Burhan hence relentlessly tries to ensure that orphans destine and students from under privilege societies get in to the schools and under go higher education

In short, the character example and concerns of Prophet Muhammad Swallallahu alaihi vasallam are the standards and it follow the principles of four Madhabs and Ahlussunna. Exist for the improvements of poor and uneducated peoples to improving them by the spiritual, educational and moral literacy campaigns.

Burhan conducting spiritual gatherings, Swalath majlis (first Sunday beginning of all months) Jalaliyya ratheeb (all Thursday in a month).

It’s able to provide best experiences of spiritual solace to each of its larger community including students, teachers and well-wishers   and tend to convince them of the significant issues encountering the society and best way of approaching it.

Our vision

Our goal is to prepare scholars capable of spreading Islamic ideology and the true spirit of Ahlu_sunna in the World. The education we feed and breed to the learners is making them to do so. Our scholars are present all over the Globe.