School of Qur’an

School of Qur’an studies and memorization

Being Quran at your heart

The college tries to bring up a generation of learners of holy Quran who have excelled in its science of recitation and keeps an active memory of the entire verses of holy text. Being able to reciting Quran properly and learning it by heart have great significance in Islamic epistemology since the holy Quran as direct words of the almighty Allah, wholly relates to the fact of being a perfect Muslim that enhances the greatness of humanity. Therefore, here the tutors make their best attempts to ensure that each learner mends the recitation at his best and does everything to keep their memory well. Moreover the students are trained to recite as best as they can in terms of style, modulation of voice and tone. In addition, we offer students an opportunity to pursue their secondary studies at al Burhan school system.Students who have successfully completed their study of 5th standards at both school and Madrassa level are eligible for studying our Hifz campus by attending our preliminary tests.