College of sharee’a

College of sharee’a

Dars (the traditional way of teaching Islamic knowledge in masjid) has constituted a sea change in Kerala Muslim renaissance. Imbibing the everlasting spirit of these dynamic strides, al Burhan also scored its first spell of educational project carrying the dreams and ambitions of sheik Attingal Abdul Azeez Musliyar (nawwarallahu markhada) .college of sharee’a comprises an five year course of traditional dars system spreading to different angles of Islamic knowledge. The students of this course have the opportunity to acquire the graduation and post-graduation also.So those who have a loving conscience and abiding interest in lighting up the darkness are committed to enlighten this society holding high beacon of Islam.This syllabus for this course has specially been designed to get the ultimate goal fulfilled. The institution has in offer an excellent course of education for 5 years after SSLC. Admission is restricted to qualified Muslim students .the features are expected to get a master degree in any branch from prestigious Islamic universities under the Ahlussunna.Experienced faculty and eminent scholars from various Islamic and other universities enable the students to keep abreast with the latest global trends and happening in the world of science and technology. Students of this course enjoy free education, mess and hostel facilities.

Academic structure

5years duration

Mukthasar degree system
MOULAVI AALIM AL BURHANI (graduation from al Burhan College)


7th STD of Madrassa education

Fee structure

Tuition fee, accommodation, food and other fees for co-curricular activities can be waived by Burhan management.