College of sharee’a

Dars (the traditional way of teaching Islamic knowledge in masjid) has constituted a sea change in Kerala Muslim renaissance. Imbibing the everlasting spirit of these dynamic strides, al Burhan also scored its first spell of educational project carrying the dreams and ambitions of sheik Attingal Abdul Azeez Musliyar (nawwarallahu markhada) .college of sharee’a comprises an five year course of traditional dars system spreading to different angles of Islamic knowledge. The students of this course have the opportunity to acquire the graduation and post-graduation also.

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College of da’wa

Islam is a religion being subjected to slanderous mis- reading and mis- interpretation. Conscious efforts have been made from different quarters, a fare chunk by western imperialists and orientalises, to deform this unique religion. Nowhere the right is rewarded but the false propaganda. This straight way is stigmatized and crooked way is praised. And thus vitreous path of Islam is hindered by clouded brightness.So those who have a loving conscience and abiding interest in lighting up the darkness are committed to enlighten this society holding high beacon of Islam.

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School of Qur’an studies and memorization

Being Quran at your heart

The college tries to bring up a generation of learners of holy Quran who have excelled in its science of recitation and keeps an active memory of the entire verses of holy text. Being able to reciting Quran properly and learning it by heart have great significance in Islamic epistemology since the holy Quran as direct words of the almighty Allah, wholly relates to the fact of being a perfect Muslim that enhances the greatness of humanity.

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The faculty aims at the education of school students from 5 to 10 classes in moral atmosphere. This facility also helps the students get educated in Islamic education in better understanding.

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